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Mount St. Mary Academy Athletics

Believe in the BOOM


Mount St. Mary Academy Athletics

Believe in the BOOM

Mount St. Mary Academy Athletics

Believe in the BOOM

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

8 months ago

Girls Crew vs. Head of Genesee Regatta
2V4 Gold

Game Date
Oct 7, 2018
THUNDER: Gold, Gold

Congratulations to the 2V8 and 2V4 for both taking home GOLD today! These are challenging races vs Rochester and Canadian crews. Very excited for Kaitriana, a senior, for taking home her first piece of hardware! (2V4 is pictured with Ava as coxie - she too won her first medal). 

Teagan Johnston, Abby Hertz, Kaitlin Zajac and Ana Bellanti won in both the 2V8 & 2V4.

Other results for the day:
1V8 Varsity 8 – 6th out of 10 boats -beat all buffalo crews!
1V4 Varsity 4 – 8th out of 11 boats.
3V8 Junior 8 – 9th out of 12 boats -such good race experience for these girls. We had 2 novices race in the 8 (Nya and Wood) was a great positive race experience.  The young varsity girls in this 8 have worked well together.
V1X Varsity 1X – 4th out of 7 boats (just 2 seconds out of a bronze & 9 seconds out of a silver).

Novice 4 – unfortunately the race was canceled due to water condition concerns and I know how much they wanted to race and display their talent out there. Next race girls!

Rory was the coxie for, what turned out to be, the Men’s Master 4. There was an issue with the steering mechanism the night before and some confusion on the steering controls that forced the boat to come back to the dock shortly after launching. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to race but I was very impressed with how well prepared Rory was for the race; from the WSRC jacket she wore to the black marker written notes on her hand to knowing all the answers to my question on where to be at the start. End of the day, it was a learning experience and the WSRC coach and master men were very happy with Rory and appreciated her willingness to coxie them.

This morning when the WS trailer got stuck and we needed to get boats unloaded – I just loved how you girls worked with City Honors to unload that entire trailer in 12 minutes! That was a great team effort and I want you know I personally appreciate and respect that cooperation. 

Loading the trailer was a bit of a challenge this regatta…we got it done with a lot of trips and without me asking you to jump in was awesome, so thank you!

Great racing this weekend girls – you all put your best effort on the water and raced your hearts out.  We as a team are not defined by a win or a loss but rather what it feels like to be US.

Tomorrow NO PRACTICE – please get yourself caught up on rest and your studies. See you all Tuesday.

Hats off to the tent – best organized tent I have seen – gold medal there too! Conrads – cheers to not getting stuck in the mud this morning. Many thanks to you and to everyone for doing all you do for the team.

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